We focus on customer satisfaction by our services with attention more details. Starting from the color matching requirements, goods order , stock checking through the delivery of goods on time as the customers needs. We also serve as consultants for advice on how to use the product with a dedicated and experienced team-works

Transportation is the linkage between all parts. We focus on transportation management that affects the management of various parts of the organization, whether it is production planning. Inventory management, warehouse management Distribution Services

  Good transportation management is critical to efficiency and cost reduction in logistics. Moreover, the quality of transport operations management. Timely delivery Condition of the product is not damaged. And shipping is not lost and complete. That makes the customer service more efficient. This will result in better business development.

   We have direct shipping services to customers within the region. And will continue to develop nationally in the future.

Management system and standardization in the company. We focus on building good relationships with our customers to make them satisfied and impressed with our products and services. We have improved work processes within the organization to build long-term relationships with customers. We also study the different needs of our customers. To meet the needs of customers with products and services that suit each customer.

   Fila Plus Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of every customer contacts. We have a customer services department that provides 10-automatic hotlines services for your convenience in order to comfort and support about products information and listening to complaints from the customers.

Open Monday - Saturday from 08:30 to 17:30 hrs. as follow :
- Information services, promotional activities and after sales.
- Provide knowledges and advices on product technology information by qualified personnel.
- Listen to customer recommendations for product quality development and services.