Fila Plus

The company believes in a highly qualified team as well as a standardized production process. This makes us a leader in the high quality sewing yarn industry. We are dedicated and committed to developing consistently and continuously to contribute the value added of Thai textiles.

We also adhere to the importance of developing people. As well as being a strong business partner. Through various projects. That promotes participation in creating success together. We are confident that our expertise in the sewing thread industry will build confidence in our customers and satisfy the needs of our customers. As policy that. Customer success is the main function of Fila Plus Co., Ltd.


3 Addition 2 Reductions for lasting success.

  • Increase Productivity
  • Add value of product
  • Increase success with high technology
  • Redvction production costs
  • Reduce loss of inventories

We are committed to providing quality products and services that are impressive to meet our customers’ needs and to maximize customer satisfaction.

We will operate under quality management system. According to the requirements of the ISO9001 2000


  1. Understand the needs of customers clearly and provide quality products to customers.
  2. Provide training appropriately to assist in providing quality products and impressive service to satisfy customers.
  3. Co-ordinate with vendors closely to ensure that the quality of products and services meets the needs of the company.
  4. Carry out various activities within the company to meet the requirements of the ISO9001 2000 to continue the development.