Quality and production standards

The Company's manufacturing processes are standard. Inspection and certification of products and quality management standards ISO 9001: 2000 certification as well as the safe use of the product. Check institutions from Germany's Oeko Tex Standard 100, which is recognized worldwide.

24th International Award for Technology and Quality

     “New Millennium Award” has been created to identify and distinguish firms from any country in the world that devote their efforts to the development and enhancement of their technological level. Nowadays, it is necessary to have self-developed technology to be able to complete in any market and improve exports to the maximum.

     Many of the firms that are receiving this trophy have their own technology and even trnasfer it to companies in other countries. having thus a basic instrument for penetration in world markets.

Technology applied to the industrial concern represents a substantial economic and human effort due to the specialized staff requirements and there is no doubt about the improtance for the economy of each country.     

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ISO 9001:2000

    Quality Management System : QMS, which is standard business organizations around the world are featured. Because a standard quality system governing the design. And the development, production, installation and service, indicating the quality and performance of the organization. The control and monitoring procedures. Including how to work through the system thoroughly. In order to strengthen confidence in the organization. 

    ISO is an independent organization which was established in 2490 with the aim to promote standardization activities. Related to the exchange of goods and services to the hotel. And help develop international cooperation in science, technology and economic standards set called. International standards.



    We have got “OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS 1 AWARD” which certified that our product is safety and no dangerous to any consumers by test of the international association for research and testing in the field of Textile Technology.